By invitation we are travelling around Australia in 2015 to explore how we can lose the “irrelevant” tag that Australians have on the church. Check when the National Relevance  Church Tour is heading your way and see the dates if clean comedy shows on the tour as well.


Radio Stations

Days of Luke and Lucy's Lives

Soap Opera story lines can get a little ridiculous sometimes and there is no way that kind of craziness happens outside of the daytime television of shows like Days of Our Lives unless of course you watch Springer. Well Luke and Lucy may just prove that theory wrong as drama unfolds when the radio mics are off.

Soap Opera Drama for Luke and Lucy by Luke Laughs


Collingwood Supporter Jokes

On 89.9 LightFM Luke and Lucy have a habit of maybe making a few Collingwood supporter jokes and in the recent build up to the AFL Grand Final they went too far. Then they were forced to make amends and give away some Nathan Buckley memorabilia on-air and while the quiz was meant to be a little silly, little did we know how rediculous it would become.


The Collingwood Quiz! by 899lightfm


Mitch Kay - Micah Challenge

When we are seeking advice on how to live our lives we tend to not want parenting advice from those that aren’t parents; diet advice from overweight people; driving advice from the blind; or advice on ‘responsibility’ from a kid.

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