Three Men & My Little Lady - The Musical

Click for videos and more informationFor many Australians, the thought of three children under four, particularly in this financial climate, is overwhelming.  Demands are high and the pressure unrelenting.


For one man, this is his reality.  He’s lived through: 537 erratic days of a pregnant wife (sure, she went through the pain and discomfort but he responded to her cravings and interpreted pregnancy brain gibberish so he’s taking credit anyway); 3126 breastfeeds (he understands anatomy, but he is taking credit anyway);  8658 nappy changes (sure he was conveniently absent for most of them, but he’s taking credit anyway); 6942 songs and stories; and 2555 shirts that have been worn in public with vomit, snot or dribble.


While to many this might seem enormous, in his world, it’s something to sing and dance about.


Queensland breakfast radio host and comedian Luke Holt, who brought you “Dating, Daddydom and Delirium”, brings you his first musical comedy show, despite the large extent to which he is musically inept. Quite simply he thinks the rhythm of life is worth dancing to. Oh boy, and does he have moves.


This show has everything: big laughs, big music and big dancing.  Luke will leave you in stitches as he tries to make sense of the craziness of everyday life.


With his unique way with words and unforgettable moves on the dance floor, this is not your average comedy show. Three Men and My Little Lady – The Musical will entertain you in more ways than one and will leave you laughing and feeling good long after the closing number. 


“Hilarious… keeps the audience glued to his every word.” Colin Flaherty, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2011.


I think the Skipping man is my Favorite! GREAT!!” Matt Lee, Judge – So You Think You Can Dance




Venue: Comedy on Collins, 156 Collins St, Melbourne

Dates: Monday 15th April and Wednesday 17th – Saturday 20th April

Tickets: $20

Times: 7:30pm

Bookings: Phone 03 9017 0104 or go to



Susie Holt Ph: 0407 659 492