Comedy Festival 2011

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is about to experience Luke Holt’s show Dating, Daddydom, And Delirium. See the show for the final time in Melbourne on the 1st or 2nd of April at the British Crown and have a beautiful meal to make it a great night out. Tickets are $35 here.

In a society where fertility issues are as common as they are heartbreaking it is not everyday where we find one laughing through this plight. Having lost up to ten potential pregnancies along the way Luke and Susie Holt still find a way to laugh through the tears.

Clean Comedian, Luke Holt, is taking the stage at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to share the highs and lows of life, from dating, through to parenthood, in the comedy show Dating, Daddydom & Delirium.

For Luke, navigating the world of dating, then walking boldly into the realm of marriage before facing the daunting task parenthood has been wrought with significant ups and downs. His dating life started with a girlfriend whom he never actually spoke to.  His now wife’s first thoughts when she saw him were, “Quit staring you freak!” And he received news that, he and his wife were unlikely to conceive, from a doctor who seemed unable to say the word “sperm”.

Like tens of thousands of couples in Australia, discovering that he and wife Susie’s chances of conceiving a child were nearly impossible led to a long and emotional journey.  After a five year rollercoaster ride of heartbreak and hope, their son Tyson was born in May last year.

This led to a whole new life stage marked by moments nothing short of hilarious.

Though he now shares the radio studio with Kylie Minogue impersonator Lucy Holmes (100% Kylie) on Wake Up Smiling with Luke and Lucy, for the year and a half leading up to the birth of his son, he co-hosted 89.9 LightFM’s breakfast program with his wife, Susie.  This adds some uniquely amusing stories to the upcoming show.

“I was thrown into a very small room with my wife and told ‘have fun’! Of course we had our disagreements but the problem is we never had more than a three minute song to talk things over. We very quickly mastered the art of the ‘three minute fight’. One day we were talking on-air about the hard hitting topic of whether Cliff Richard was cool. In between the laughs and snippets of Wired For Sound there were scowls and tears and that was just me,” muses Holt.

Through it all he’s asked some pretty tough life questions, experienced some hysterical and quirky adventures, all the while discovering some amazing truths.

In Dating, Daddydom & Delirium, Luke gathers together some of his favorite stories - told in his unique, hilarious, comical style - that show that sometimes, the best things in life are the things we work hardest for.