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Babies Have A Different Set of Rules

Babies definitely live by a different set of rules than adults do. I wish that I could get away with half of the things that my 10 month old son Tyson gets away with. Well it’s not even that he gets away with things; it’s that the things I would get in trouble for he gets cheered for. I can’t remember the last time that people cheered and clapped when I passed wind, burped or pooed in my nappy.

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The Snot From A Babies Nose

Removing the snot from a baby’s nose is not an easy thing to do. It seems like a simple thing but the reality is -especially with my son- that it is complicated, dramatic, loud, and very very difficult.

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So You Think You Can Dance Intro

Luke was told by Matt Lee from So You Think You Can Dance to YouTube how he does his own dance routine intro at the start of every episode of the show. Jason Coleman wanted to see Luke dance and Bonnie Lithgoe says she would ‘crit’ his moves.

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LightFM Billboard Head

During an 89.9 LightFM appeal there was a challenge where if a certain amount of money was donated in a short period of time then Luke would have his head shaved and coloured to be a walking billboard for LightFM.

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Tyson Sitting Up

I don’t think that I am destined to win father of the year for this performance as I may have been more focussed on getting the footage than I was on what was actually about to happen. The sound on impact was not edited or amplified in any way.

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