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Luke in London

I am about to squeeze my way onto a jetplain and head to London for some Devonshire Tea and a jolly good time young chap, and I am pretty chuffed.

I continue to do a breakfast radio show but instead of having to get out of bed at 3:50am the breakfast show will start on-air London time at 9pm. That basically means I can sleep all day right?

Last major event I covered like this I slept an average of about 4 hours a night and I wasn’t doing a breakfast radio show then.

I am going to be doing radio crosses for radio stations across Australia and in some cases around the world. If you would like to your radio station to acquire the energetic and passionate reporting skills of an experienced media sports enthusiast. please get in touch from this website’s contact form. I will happily let you know what’s involved.

For radio stations interested in just having a look at what I can provide I have audio samples of an interview with Giaan Rooney and a radio cross about some Olympic news.