By invitation we are travelling around Australia in 2015 to explore how we can lose the “irrelevant” tag that Australians have on the church. Check when the National Relevance  Church Tour is heading your way and see the dates if clean comedy shows on the tour as well.


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Did you know?

Less than 1 in 7 Australians who said they were ‘Christian’ regularly attend a Christian Church Service.

Did you know?

47% of Australians who don’t attend church simply think it’s irrelevant.

Did you know?

65% of Australians agree that mainstream media negatively affects perceptions of the church.

Ask about Luke Laughs coming to your church on the Relavance Tour.



Fights, Manipulation, and Osama!

As it turns out I AM really that boring! My twin boys are only a few weeks old when they decided that when I talk, all they hear is, “blah blah…blahblahblah blahblah”.

Let me introduce you to Royden Axel Dillon on the left and Toby Morrison Levin on the right. Three names for each boy is a little unusual and is often the cause of a question or two and I would love to say it was steeped in a deep family history. I can’t truthfully say that though.

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Hilarious Animal Voice Over...ALLEN!

 This is deadset hilarious. I was feeling a bit flat one day when I was crawling through my social media sites and saw this posted on someone’s Facebook page. I laughed out loud from one end of the house which brought my son Tyson running down to see what was happening.

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Never Make Fun of the Fat Guy

That is of course unless the fat guy makes fun of himself.

The team at 89.9 LightFM got together with 39 other stations around Australia to fight for child survival and we got so excited about the cause, the camaraderie, and the shirts. Some got a little more excited than others and perhaps that was bad news for all.

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Will and Kate Royal Wedding Commentary

I was a little concerned when I loticed my web traffic was down during the royal wedding of Will and Kate. Then someone on Facebook suggested I do a blog about Will and Kate’s wedding and I thought, “ZIIIING! What a great idea!”

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Two Extremes of Reviews

As a comedian it is the most and least desirable thing to get a review. Every comedian wants to be able to put an amazing quote from a credible source on their poster, facebook event invitation, or email to our mum. However, what if it’s a bad review, or what if no reviewer even bothers to turn up? Worse yet, what of nobody reviewer bothers to turn up but gives you a bad review anyway?

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