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Will and Kate Royal Wedding Commentary

I was a little concerned when I loticed my web traffic was down during the royal wedding of Will and Kate. Then someone on Facebook suggested I do a blog about Will and Kate’s wedding and I thought, “ZIIIING! What a great idea!”

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Two Extremes of Reviews

As a comedian it is the most and least desirable thing to get a review. Every comedian wants to be able to put an amazing quote from a credible source on their poster, facebook event invitation, or email to our mum. However, what if it’s a bad review, or what if no reviewer even bothers to turn up? Worse yet, what of nobody reviewer bothers to turn up but gives you a bad review anyway?

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Squeaky Clean Comedy

Clean Comedy looks like it has made it’s mark on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival after the first session of the Squeaky Clean Comedy show at the Melbourne City Conference Centre on Swanston St last Friday night (9th of April).

Hosted by the incredibly and reliably funny Michael Connell and including sets from Mike Klimczak, Jason Pestell, Beau Stegmann, Phil Andrews, Dave Wiggins, Cameron Semmens, and Luke Holt from Luke Laughs.

The Herald Sun reviewed

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Comedy Festival 2011

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is about to experience Luke Holt’s show Dating, Daddydom, And Delirium. See the show for the final time in Melbourne on the 1st or 2nd of April at the British Crown and have a beautiful meal to makie it a great night out. Tickets are $35 here.

In a society where fertility issues are as common as they are heartbreaking it is not everyday where we find one laughing through this plight. Having lost up to ten potential pregnancies along the way Luke and Susie Holt still find a way to laugh through the tears.

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Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Mum used to say Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness as some kind of argument for why I should clean my room. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now, and don’t freak out because you think I am going to tell you to clean your room.

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