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Having Your Kids Pay Their Way

My boy has turned two today and is well and truly on the way to getting a job and paying board. He could at least start to do some chores around the house so I can put my feet up.

Tyson chores by Luke Holt

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Father and Son Cricket Match

Tyson, my nearly two year old son, has developed a keen love of balls and cricket in particular. He will turn anything into a bat…a broom handle, comb, coat hanger, or a very small stick.

We went to the park recently to play on the swing and there are tennis courts next to the park. Every time we go to this park he goes exploring for tennis balls and usually he has success.

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Kids Dummy Magic

I am learning to be extremely careful with what games I start to play with Tyson because he doesn’t let us play a game just once or twice. Oh my goodness we play over and over and over and over and over and over…well you get the point

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