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Son, wear pants in public

It is said that one of the scariest parts of parenting is when your children start to mimic you. Well my first born is now two years old and has started mimicking. Sometimes it can be hard to know what is ‘him’ and what is mimic because quite frankly I think I wear pants most of the time but maybe not.

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How Do You Explain About Poison?

My two year old wanted to go outside and blow bubbles and I was more than happy to spend this time with my son. We travelled all of two metres out the front door with the bubbles in hand when he stopped and excitedly exclaimed with a gasp, “Oh ball”.

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Having Your Kids Pay Their Way

My boy has turned two today and is well and truly on the way to getting a job and paying board. He could at least start to do some chores around the house so I can put my feet up.

Tyson chores by Luke Holt

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43 Inch HD Plasma

I know that we are not supposed to be focussed on and passionate about material possessions. I know that we should prioritise using our financial capacity to support the under privileged around the world. We could support World Vision, Compassion, Red Cross, The Salvos or many other worthy charities.

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Roary The Racing Car Is On!

My son Tyson is increasingly able to communicate with us about the things that he wants and the things that he likes. We have known for a while that he was a fan of Roary The Racing Car but today cemented that suspicion.

I was sitting on the computer tapping away at some work when the show came on. Tyson ran over to the TV, sang along to the opening song, and then came over to me, pointed to the TV, said, “Roary ee Rara Car”. It was very cute.

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