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Are Kidney Stones worse than Childbirth?

I have heard it said that kidney stone attack pain is worse than that of childbirth. Now before any ladies start to yell at me, I never made a sexist claim there, I have just stated what many women –who have experienced both childbirth and kidney stones- have said to me.

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A Woman's Wisdom

Her wise words are still ringing in my ears, and I hate it whenever my wife is right. Unfortunately it happens way too often and I am regularly left trying to dig my way out of my stupidity in a way that nobody buys. Like the kid who falls off a bike, kicks the bike like it was the bikes fault, and then when he realises that people are watching tries to make out that he crashed on purpose.

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Marriage Battle Royale - AFL Live Wii

I wanted it. I contemplated buying it first, asking for forgiveness second. I chose the honest and upfront method and she said no. I got a friend to constantly send voice messages to my phone and played those voice messages near her so she could hear how amazing it was. I did heaps of housework. I worked, I hinted, I worked, I hinted, and I worked until that beautiful moment finally came.

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