Autotune - The Morphine Song

What do you get when you cross a man, a kidney stone, morphine, and an iPhone with auto tune? Oh wow, you get real entertainment.

It is commonly known that one should not operate heavy machinery when under the influence of any kind of heavy medication as one may physically harm oneself. No warning I have seen says to avoid use of iPhone machinery as one may do and say things that one does not want recorded on a permanent record.

In between drugs I was using my iPhone mostly to be in touch with my wife Susie about how our new born twins were doing in the hospital. Occasionally there was a lull in proceedings and it was then I used the iPhone to kill some time- a big mistake.

This is the audio sent in a Heytell (iPhone voicemail app) message to my co-host on the LightFM Luke and Lucy breakfast show, Lucy Holmes. It is now what I affectionately dub, “The Morphine Song” ©Luke Holt and Morphine.

Morphine Song by Luke Holt