Are Kidney Stones worse than Childbirth?

I have heard it said that kidney stone attack pain is worse than that of childbirth. Now before any ladies start to yell at me, I never made a sexist claim there, I have just stated what many women –who have experienced both childbirth and kidney stones- have said to me.

Second hand information is never enough for me though so I thought that it would be most scientific for me to choose the day that my wife went through childbirth, twice, to also test the kidney stone pain.

Our twins Royden and Toby were born in the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidlberg in Melbourne around 11:30am on the 23rd of May 2011. I was with my wife and new sons all day until at around 6pm I decided that our two year old Tyson would be quite confused about what happened to mum and dad that I should get home to see him before he went to bed.

I got home in time to be the one to put him to bed, cuddle him, kiss him, say his prayers with him, and feel connected on an exciting but crazy day. I now had three kids! WOW!

After I had dinner and desert I sat down to play my day old AFL Live game on the Wii but after a few minutes I felt a bit of a cramp in my back. I had been standing, stretching, and sitting on awkward chairs all day supporting my wife in the birth so this was no surprise. Until that cramp became unbearable and also came along with a harsh nausea.

After about twenty minutes of this I knocked on the bedroom door of my mother and father-in-law and could hardly tell them what was going on. None of this made any sense, why was my back hurting so much?

After an hour of pain it subsided a little and my father-in-law took me to the hospital and dropped me off at Emergency at the Maroondah Hospital. By the time I arrived at the triage desk the pain was back twice as bad and in my front this time.

With the nurse seeing my pain she turned to the nurse next to her and asked her to only ask me the questions that she ‘had’ to while she approached me with a wheelchair.

Over the next two to three hours I can remember being asked if I was allergic to anything about five hundred times, immense pain, a lot of morphine, immense pain, a needle in my butt, immense pain, some tablets, immense pain, and some CPAP tubes in my nose.

I don’t know if my stones hurt more than giving birth to twins but one thing I am confident of is that Susie’s epidural seemed way more fun than my morphine. at 1am that Tuesday morning I wanted Susie’s epidural and I just wanted to be with my now larger family: Mummy, Daddy, toddler, twins, kidney stone.