A Woman's Wisdom

Her wise words are still ringing in my ears, and I hate it whenever my wife is right. Unfortunately it happens way too often and I am regularly left trying to dig my way out of my stupidity in a way that nobody buys. Like the kid who falls off a bike, kicks the bike like it was the bikes fault, and then when he realises that people are watching tries to make out that he crashed on purpose.

Yes in marriage I am the bleeding and bruised kid trying to convince people that the face first handlebar rib stab manoeuvre scores a very high degree of difficulty in the BMX World Championships that he is in serious training. Buying it?

Susie said to, “Don’t stay up too late playing that stupid computer game. It won’t be good if I go in to labour tonight and you don’t get any sleep.”

So at 1:25am I decide to be sensible (too late?) and go to bed. I packed up the game and headed into bed. 1:30am Susie receives her first contraction and we are in hospital by 5:00am.

Sleep? NO! Egg on my face? YES!