Marriage Battle Royale - AFL Live Wii

I wanted it. I contemplated buying it first, asking for forgiveness second. I chose the honest and upfront method and she said no. I got a friend to constantly send voice messages to my phone and played those voice messages near her so she could hear how amazing it was. I did heaps of housework. I worked, I hinted, I worked, I hinted, and I worked until that beautiful moment finally came.

Eventually on the afternoon of Sunday the 22nd of May, my wife, Susie said the most precious thing she has ever said to me. She said, “OKaaaaaayyyyy, you can buy the stupid AFL Wii game, but you can’t boast that you wore me down and won.”

I was so happy that I just wanted to boast about how I wore her down and won. Was this her plan? To give me a victory and force silence was torture, so I needed some therapy and release without actually breaking the terms of our agreement. I took to Facebook.

Sunday, May 22nd, 7:21pm, via iPhone Facebook status, “This is me not boasting”.