43 Inch HD Plasma

I know that we are not supposed to be focussed on and passionate about material possessions. I know that we should prioritise using our financial capacity to support the under privileged around the world. We could support World Vision, Compassion, Red Cross, The Salvos or many other worthy charities.

However, we could also buy a big screen plasma television with cracking HD vision and 5.1 surround sound.

A couple of years ago I managed to convince my wife to allow me to purchase a 42 inch plasma TV (yes, I needed permission) (yes I am whipped). However, a couple of months after the standard warranty was out the TV decided to turn off and never turn back on again. This would normally be the hardest and most frustrating time of one’s life, to have a 42 inch HD plasma rendered useless just months after a two year warranty ends. But I happened to make the smartest shopping choice I have ever made: for $90 I purchased a three year extended warranty.

We contacted the warranty people, who in turn contacted the repairers, who in turn came and looked at the TV, who in turn sent their report to the warranty people (with the wrong reference number), who in turn contacted the repair people to let them know it was the wrong reference number, who in turn resubmitted the report with the correct reference number to the warranty people, who in turn suggested we would get a replacement and in turn contacted Harvey Norman, who in turn contacted me, I in turn went in to Harvey Norman only to find out they were out of stock, Harvey Norman in turn told me the new series was coming into stock in a few weeks and I in turn suggested that I would wait.

 As simple as that we were getting a brand new 43 inch HD plasma TV.

Easter Thursday the brand new TV was delivered. Susie and Tyson were out so I had the house to myself to rewire my stereo and the new TV in order to provide us with the highest quality HD images and surround sound. It was an incredible result.

Of course I wanted to test the picture and audio with a special effects packed action movie but I had none at my disposal to I had to settle for an episode of Ellen, and it was Goooooooooood! I was so proud of the few hours I spent and the result I had before me.

That afternoon, after only a few hours, an episode of Ellen, Roary The Racing Car, Thomas The Tank Engine, and Peppa Pig, I started to clean up the box and the rubbish. I took the old TV and the box and put them out onto the curb, I started to sweep up the lounge floor. Then I heard my wife ask Tyson, “What did you do?”

I looked up to see my brand new 43 inch HD plasma TV SMASHED after Tyson threw a golf ball from just thirty centimetres away. I was startled, I was shocked, I was distraught. I screamed and just put my head in my hands and fell to my knees. In hindsight, maybe I was a little over dramatic, but I had spent so long putting it together and Ellen looked so amazing.

I think Tyson understood how distressed I was as when I looked at him he was holding his face in his hands and yelling, “oh noooooo, gone away, it gone away.” At the prompting of his mother he came over to me, sat on my lap, hugged me and said, “sorry daddy, gone away, sorry daddy”.

At one point Susie said, “I know Tyson might not be your favourite person in the world.” However, I could never love him any less, I couldn’t even be mad at him. I did miss HD football that night but I had the most amazing cuddles with my beautiful boy and I would go through it all over again to get those cuddles.

Note to Tyson: That conclusion was said to make me sound like a good dad and inspire others to appreciate their family and not their possessions and in no way was intended to encourage you to dispose of a third plasma in three months.