Roary The Racing Car Is On!

My son Tyson is increasingly able to communicate with us about the things that he wants and the things that he likes. We have known for a while that he was a fan of Roary The Racing Car but today cemented that suspicion.

I was sitting on the computer tapping away at some work when the show came on. Tyson ran over to the TV, sang along to the opening song, and then came over to me, pointed to the TV, said, “Roary ee Rara Car”. It was very cute.

It was not the fact that he told me the show was on that caught my attention but more that he refused to get back to his day until I pointed at the TV, acknowledged Roary was on, and gave a clap.

He then ran down the other end of the house to tell his mum that, “Roary ee RaRa Car” was on and made sure she gave a clap as well.

In the end Tyson watched very little of the show but never fear, I can fill him in. Conrod the Australian V8 (voiced by Craig Lowndes) was in town and racing with Roary. Roary thought that Conrod was ignoring him, Conrod thought that Roary was ignoring him…it was a very silly misunderstanding. They were racing when their friend Breeze almost fell off the edge of a cliff but Roary saved her, then almost fell off the cliff before Conrod saved him.

Everything was alright in the end.

Oh, Maxi won the race by the way.

Yes, indeed, this is now my life. Roary the Racing Car is now a good friend of mine, my one year old son has made sure of that.