Will they ever do as they're told?

Royden Holt trying to stop all of the attention and not posing like Daddy wanted.I hear the scoffs from parents as you read the title of this blog but surely, surely they will eventually hear what it is that I ask them to do and will respond in kind with a mild british plum in their voice as they say, “Oh Father, nothing would satisfy me more than to meet, nay, exceed your ever so reasonable requests and expectations of me, your loyal and faithful son.” Surely?

Autotune - The Morphine Song

What do you get when you cross a man, a kidney stone, morphine, and an iPhone with auto tune? Oh wow, you get real entertainment.

It is commonly known that one should not operate heavy machinery when under the influence of any kind of heavy medication as one may physically harm oneself. No warning I have seen says to avoid use of iPhone machinery as one may do and say things that one does not want recorded on a permanent record.

A Woman's Wisdom

Her wise words are still ringing in my ears, and I hate it whenever my wife is right. Unfortunately it happens way too often and I am regularly left trying to dig my way out of my stupidity in a way that nobody buys. Like the kid who falls off a bike, kicks the bike like it was the bikes fault, and then when he realises that people are watching tries to make out that he crashed on purpose.

Marriage Battle Royale - AFL Live Wii

I wanted it. I contemplated buying it first, asking for forgiveness second. I chose the honest and upfront method and she said no. I got a friend to constantly send voice messages to my phone and played those voice messages near her so she could hear how amazing it was. I did heaps of housework. I worked, I hinted, I worked, I hinted, and I worked until that beautiful moment finally came.

43 Inch HD Plasma

I know that we are not supposed to be focussed on and passionate about material possessions. I know that we should prioritise using our financial capacity to support the under privileged around the world. We could support World Vision, Compassion, Red Cross, The Salvos or many other worthy charities.

Roary The Racing Car Is On!

My son Tyson is increasingly able to communicate with us about the things that he wants and the things that he likes. We have known for a while that he was a fan of Roary The Racing Car but today cemented that suspicion.

I was sitting on the computer tapping away at some work when the show came on. Tyson ran over to the TV, sang along to the opening song, and then came over to me, pointed to the TV, said, “Roary ee Rara Car”. It was very cute.

Father and Son Cricket Match

Tyson, my nearly two year old son, has developed a keen love of balls and cricket in particular. He will turn anything into a bat…a broom handle, comb, coat hanger, or a very small stick.

We went to the park recently to play on the swing and there are tennis courts next to the park. Every time we go to this park he goes exploring for tennis balls and usually he has success.