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Son, wear pants in public

It is said that one of the scariest parts of parenting is when your children start to mimic you. Well my first born is now two years old and has started mimicking. Sometimes it can be hard to know what is ‘him’ and what is mimic because quite frankly I think I wear pants most of the time but maybe not.

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How Do You Explain About Poison?

My two year old wanted to go outside and blow bubbles and I was more than happy to spend this time with my son. We travelled all of two metres out the front door with the bubbles in hand when he stopped and excitedly exclaimed with a gasp, “Oh ball”.

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Will they ever do as they're told?

Royden Holt trying to stop all of the attention and not posing like Daddy wanted.I hear the scoffs from parents as you read the title of this blog but surely, surely they will eventually hear what it is that I ask them to do and will respond in kind with a mild british plum in their voice as they say, “Oh Father, nothing would satisfy me more than to meet, nay, exceed your ever so reasonable requests and expectations of me, your loyal and faithful son.” Surely?

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Autotune - The Morphine Song

What do you get when you cross a man, a kidney stone, morphine, and an iPhone with auto tune? Oh wow, you get real entertainment.

It is commonly known that one should not operate heavy machinery when under the influence of any kind of heavy medication as one may physically harm oneself. No warning I have seen says to avoid use of iPhone machinery as one may do and say things that one does not want recorded on a permanent record.

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Are Kidney Stones worse than Childbirth?

I have heard it said that kidney stone attack pain is worse than that of childbirth. Now before any ladies start to yell at me, I never made a sexist claim there, I have just stated what many women –who have experienced both childbirth and kidney stones- have said to me.

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