Tonight I appeared on a national radio talk back show as they discussed the question, “does God laugh?”. What an interesting question because every part of us assumes that the answer is so obviously a ‘yes’ but what is that based on?

Science, logic, the Bible tells us that laughter is good for us on every level and given that we are craeted in God’s image we should assume that therefore God himself would laugh as He encourages us to. But then what would he laugh at?

I have worked some pretty tough crowds doing standup comedy, rooms with only a couple of drunk people who don’t want a comedy show but just happened to be there. Rooms of 50 cynical people who just want the comedian to crash and burn and are willing to play there part to see that happen.

I have performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival with reviewers and judges in the crowd. I have perform in front of potential employers trying to work out if your stuff is good enough. I have performed on good days and on days where I was sick, tired, and had just driven 3 hours to get to the show.

However, nothing would compare to performing stand up comedy to a crowd including God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Now before you get super spiritual on me I know that every time I perform God is there. Just play with me for a minute here.

I think that God might be one of those people in the crowd that sits with his arms crossed trying to stay straight faced. It’s almost a challenge to the comedian, “I dare you to make me laugh”. It’s the best feeling if you get Him to laugh, as you know you’ve done it even if He doesn’t laugh out loud. He’s the sort that grins and lays a gentle nudge to Jesus next to Him as if to say, “ha that was a good one, I bet you liked that too.”

Jesus I would imagine to be a curious spectater. When He isn’t laughing His head would be tilted to one side as if you was really intrigued by what was being said and when someone makes Him laugh He would look around at those He came with to share the moment with as many as He can.

The Holt Spirit, oh the Holy Spirit would be my favourite. The Spirit would be a grinner, at all times a smile on the face no matter what is being said as if to anticipate that something funny is just moments away and He doesn’t want to miss a fraction of a second of potential laugh time. Then…wait for it…I think the Spirit would be a snorter. Laughing so hard that when the next breathe is drawn through the nose it creates a pig impersonation that sets Jesus hcuckling and looking around and has God nudging Jesus with approval.

I just hope that none of them heckle because how do you have a comeback good enough for God? The heckler in heaven though would definately be St Peter.

What an image of being a true Christian Comedian.