Luke Laughs - General Story

With three boys under three, including twins, and a marriage that started with a proposal using a peanut in place of a ring, Luke Holt’s life is comedy that writes itself.


With over a decade on the radio airwaves and comedy shows at the Melbourne Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, and a sold out Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Luke Holt has been able to maintain values and integrity and still entertain.

Luke Laughs Radio Story

Luke got his first taste of radio in 2001 when he was a youth minister at the Toowoomba North Church of Christ. He would put the local Christian radio station on because as a youth minister he felt he needed to support the Christian station. Unfortunately he didn’t enjoy what he heard and he would turn off - until the guilts struck again and he performed his obligatory flick of stations back to the Christian one.

David Ratten (Senior Minister One Community Church)

I have used Luke in a variety of settings here at One Community Church and have always found him a very effective communicator who is able to adapt to a range of settings and target groups. The feedback I receive has always been very positive.

I have no hesitation in endorsing Luke as a communicator in both Christian and secular settings. He will add real value to any event he participates in.