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Three Men & My Little Lady - The Musical

Click for videos and more informationFor many Australians, the thought of three children under four, particularly in this financial climate, is overwhelming.  Demands are high and the pressure unrelenting.

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Luke in London

I am about to squeeze my way onto a jetplain and head to London for some Devonshire Tea and a jolly good time young chap, and I am pretty chuffed.

I continue to do a breakfast radio show but instead of having to get out of bed at 3:50am the breakfast show will start on-air London time at 9pm. That basically means I can sleep all day right?

Last major event I covered like this I slept an average of about 4 hours a night and I wasn’t doing a breakfast radio show then.

I am going to be doing radio crosses for radio stations across Australia and in some cases around the world. If you would like to your radio station to acquire the energetic and passionate reporting skills of an experienced media sports enthusiast. please get in touch from this website’s contact form. I will happily let you know what’s involved.

For radio stations interested in just having a look at what I can provide I have audio samples of an interview with Giaan Rooney and a radio cross about some Olympic news.


Luke Returns to Melbourne

It was nearly six years when Clean Comedian and breakfast radio host Luke Holt parted ways with LightFM at the end of 2011. Luke was relocating the family back to Queensland despite loving his time and his team in Melbourne.

Now, six months on and he returns to be a part of a project that was his idea, passion, and legacy: The LightFM Clean Comedy Night.

For three years previous LightFM has used this comedy event as a platform to engage supporters and raise funds in the build up to the End of Financial Year Appeal, which it has done successfully. The fourth year promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

Make sure you take the chance to catch Luke Holt at the LightFM Comedy Night.

What is Luke doing now?

Luke has joined the small but growing team at Juice 107.3 on the Gold Coast, as the breakfast host and program director. If you tune in on Tune In Radio you may hear some familiar branding of ‘Wake Up Smiling’ as Luke can’t help but to have this happen when he connects with people on the radio.



Easterfest Sideshow

This year Easterfest is doing something a different with a special show including clean comedy, magical illusions, a mime, and a performance poet. WOW

If you’re coming along to Easterfest 2012 make sure you drop in and say hi.

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