Did you know?

Less than 1 in 7 Australians who said they were ‘Christian’ regularly attend a Christian Church Service.

Did you know?

47% of Australians who don’t attend church simply think it’s irrelevant.

Did you know?

65% of Australians agree that mainstream media negatively affects perceptions of the church.

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60 Sec Guide

You work too hard to have empty seats in your church but more importantly, your message is too important to have people not hear it. Learn how your church can be relevant to a cynical Australian culture which thinks the church is irrelevant.


Some people think about it or even read about read in books...the real stars DO IT and get RadioActive. The RadioActive workshop is confirmed for the Gold Coast and Melbourne in 2015 and is your chance to UNLEASH your inner radio star.


If millions of people in Australia think you are irrelevant your irrelevance is real. Your message is actually very relevant, so how do you sift through all of your normal 'outreach' ideas and work out what is actually relevant to reach out your community?

Relevance Tour

By invitation we are travelling around Australia in 2015 to explore how we can lose the "irrelevant" tag that Australians have on the church. Check when the National Relevance Church Tour is heading your way by clicking the button below.

“Why is it that only 8% of Australians care enough to regularly attend church but up to 20-25% listen to Christian radio?”

A few years ago 750,000 people tuned into a Christian Community radio station in Melbourne on a regular basis. How many single churches (without using media) can claim a reach even at 10% of that?

750,000 people is incredible but even more so is that nearly half of those 750,000 weren't people who went to church on any basis other than weddings, Easter, or Christian Day at a stretch. More than 350,000 who said they attended church once a year or less listened regularly to the Christian radio station.

The primary answer to the opening question is at a superficial level at least, relevance. The average Australian simply finds the church irrelevant at best, and nasty, vicious, and judgemental at worst. But we don’t serve an irrelevant God and nor do we feel we are a part of an irrelevant, and nasty, vicious, and judgemental community.

As our world fragments more and more and our community stretches and stretches, how does the voice of the local church actually get heard? How does your community become relevant and how do you break down the real estate of perception and give a reason for someone to adjust their impression that the church is irrelevant, abusive, judgement, and only after our money?

One Community Church

One Community Church

David Ratten

"a very effective communicator who is able to adapt to a range of settings and target groups. The feedback I receive has always been very positive"


New Hope Baptist Church/Crossway

New Hope Baptist Church/Crossway

Danny Hunt

Their life stories, humour and honesty communicated very well to people from all backgrounds. I certainly recommend them to you."


Pastor Neil Warner talk about what it was like to have Luke Holt speak at the Burleigh Heads Church of Christ. To ask about booking Luke Laughs for your church or event visit http://www.lukelaughs.com

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If you are actively on-air or podcasting you can sometimes feel very isolated. The Producers Club will help you out.



Lisa McInes-Smith

“They have the ability to brighten up the atmosphere and deal with significant issues in a light-hearted way.”

Luke Holt has spent more than a decade on the radio.

From covering major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, through to reporting Internationally on the Black Saturday Bushires, through to talking about the crazy moments with his kids Luke Holt has seen just about everything a radio studio can offer.

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